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Site of Zhoukoudian “Peking Man”
Source:  CreateTime: 2016-03-20

This Geo-region has been called as the home of the Peking Man. Since 700,000 years ago, our ancestors had lived here, experienced the major human development stages ranged from Homo erectus via Archaic Homo sapiens to Homo sapiens sapiens, dominated by Peking Man (Homo erectus pekinensis), Xindong Man, Tianyuandong Man and Upper Cave Man. Both the Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site and palaeoanthropological fossils are unique in in the human development history.Zhoukoudian was inscribed in the list of world heritage by UNESCO in 1987. The Zhoukoudian paleoanthropological fossils and sites are the common wealth of the world, with great value in paleoanthropological and related studies.