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SAN miguel shitang sights
Source: 房山世界地质公园 CreateTime: 2015-05-20

SAN miguel shitang township is located in the historian camp grahame water village, five kilometers north of mountains majestic mountains, is the center of the star mountain scenic spot. Around mountainous overlapping, cliff towering. But in the middle of elliptical mountain ridges, such as lotus seeds, so called lotus peak. Peak surrounded by mountains, strewn at random have send, such as a birds eye view from the sky, like a holy lotus. The right side of the peak is the virgin palace, also called a long view, said the south temple. There is a cave under the lotus peak, the hole facing south, lee sun, about 8 meters deep hole, the front 5 meters wide, narrow after about 2 meters, the low after high before the end of hole.


The mouth of the cave walls, is open a door, a window on four sides. Hole on the mainland is a layer of ivory stone slag glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, whether natural or artificial shop. Hole to build by laying bricks or stones and coupons hole type niches. Stone Buddha, bodhisattva as a statue. , ca. 60 cm tall, base with the inscription: the twenty-seventh year of jiajing, March 17th and KeFa number 14. Bodhisattva as about 50 cm high. Ground have residual stone a for Ming jiajing "shitang wins spring temple rebuilt SAN miguel made rock monument". Hole under the chisel. By a drill which would be out of the mouth of the cave, but through the south temple. Why cut open a hole in the bottom? Has a beautiful legend. After the hole wall carved for the early years of the republic of China "lotus peak" three words.


This is the famous SAN miguel shitang. It is very mysterious. According to 19 years made a reign of qing emperor guangxu records: "xishan shitang, SAN miguel maha father of alum way place also, qunfeng xiah road rugged, high in the line of ten and far away. ingot its turbulence to climb up, and the top has a temple, the virgin palace. Temple have springs, water pool, impressive hole, yue SAN MiTang... its hole stone, such as rice, maha father of food to raise power line complete, initiate! The day rising" Which caused a lot of beautiful and very mysterious stories.