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ManHua holy lotus hill
Source: 房山世界地质公园 CreateTime: 2016-09-22

Through the mountain built well the old town, into the rolling mountain area. As the car sped, clear emerald green mountains, clear rivers, the rocks kept in sight of of primitive simplicity, face is relaxed and wind, and the front is cloud cover fog cover, the mountainous this endless mountains belong to the taihang mountains is the legendary.

Hidden in the deep of the mountains is known as the "Kyoto first mountain" holy lotus hill. Some of the wonders of the mountain, the first is the appearance of it. Early into the entrance of the valley, as the winding downhill move down inside, see the unique overlapping peaks, mountain, is very steep, although there is no straight open sky high, but the road is standing majestically mountains is absolutely amazing creations of nature. Into near the mountain, I saw on both sides of a steep hillside was dark brown sparse bushes dotted, whenever the rainy season, there will be way down the waterfall, showing "dread YinTan" scene. To move down inside, I saw a mountain impressively stand off, as a screen, this is the peak tsui.It is like a big door leaf stand straight, with less than 5 meters thick, the thinnest place overlooking from the top of the mountain, it is in the surrounding mountains, as a screen in courtyard, and not let a person plaint characterized by nature. Holy lotus main peak of the mountain, climbing after 28 set up the mountain, it is a "of" glyph mountain road, is the large-scale repair, built the steps and handrail, but still tough steep. The mountain road is the most dangerous place is called "sparrow hawk turn", before the mountain road construction, let alone a person on the cliffs stung, and behind is bottomless valley, really is "there, mo open".Through 28 disc, at the worse, a raised mountain peaks, to the top of the mountain is divided into two parts, respectively is and north temple, south temple here is actually a Taoist temple, north temple is around what people said "the worse other points, the two buddhist Taoist should. The antithesis of the south temple is lotus peak, a lotus seed shape the image of the name of the mountains in the mountains of roots.

"Mountain is not high, the first name". Holy lotus yamamoto of lotus, called too mountain, although there are mountains of the grand show risks, but in ancient times had a deep deep in the mountains west of Beijing, rarely known to the outside world. However, under the waterfall, there will be a deep pools, such as lotus "in buxuriant knowledge" of a piece of land of nature, one day shine by reflected glory "st" famous should also is a kind of inevitable, maybe its just what it lacks proper chance. Actually, about the lotus mountain magical treasure - "st" and "holy water" the legend of the already is familiar in the local people.

According to local Chronicles records, starting from the late tang lotus built temples, the Ming and qing dynasties era after repair, in this also slowly formed some villages around. Mountain is famous for its people, and the mountains of paranormal also gradually be gathered to settle in this area of the ancestors praise. Doing the rounds in the local a well-known story: in the lianhua south temple there was a jealous, of the old monk, it has a method called maha little monks. The little monk pure talent, pious QiuFo, before long he to the books for nine more than the teacher. The old monk afraid that one day the young monk will go beyond yourself, he made up his mind to abandon him.Coincides with the years of famine, so one day the old monk said to the young monk: "I want to a distant look, you in this good housekeeping!" The little monk asked: "eat what ah?" "What do you cook the stones to eat" the master replied, "what?" The young monk asked, "burn arm leg!" The old monk is very impatiently replied, then he got away with the other disciple went down the mountain. After they left, he had a heavy snow mountain, chi about loyalty pure young monk was unbearable cold, then according to the teacher to teach the way to do the same thing. As a result, the magic happened: he pick up stones into a delicious rice in pot, the young monk sat in his arms and legs firewood also unscathed.By the next year, assumed that the young monk was frozen hungry die old monk with his disciples to go back to the mountains look, only to find that the young monk beaming, maintenance have to be fat. Surprised the old monk asked what is the row, the young monk was truthfully. The old monk how also not letter, it was not until he saw that it became clear that the young monk dark a god, and have word. He is green-eyed monster unfathomable, so he gave the young monk cheat to the hills, cliff, pointing at the cliff on the little monk said: "you look under the cliff that lotus!" In the young monk to look under the cliff, the old monk suddenly push him down.The young monk to to the Buddha, which continued to fall off moment again chanting "amitabha". At this moment, the miracle happen again, from half float below a lotus throne, firmly take the young monk lived, and then to the highest of the baihua direction, then from the baihua fly to heaven. Because of envy and harm the old monk, very afraid, fluttering falling from the cliff fell dead. Local people will bring the young monk cooking stones called "SAN miguel," the young monk take stones place called SAN miguel shitang.

The story in addition to promoting buddhist karma, positive to the good, set up the monastery perseverance, also indirectly reflects into the lianhua reclamation settled around people who seem to castle peak is not relaxed, with blood and fire endurance, thrive in this remote mountain, tenacious unyielding spirit of growth. In fact, they are in "rice", is "wood" with body, carve out his own life and the future of the new world.

If the story of "SAN miguel" reflects the love of his hometown, villagers and their unique tenacity and persistence, so the story of "holy water", reflect their to have as very kind character YiShi mountains down to celebrate.

Lotus although start built temples in the late tang five dynasties, the Ming and qing dynasties era again after the reconstruction, but the real golden period is in the late qing and early republic. One thousand male mountain monastery, why it was not until the last expressed in ones hand? This is closely related to a master has a special character, and this man is found and giver "holy water". The man named Cai Yixian, hebei DaXingXian late qing dynasty, was a scholar, due to the dark officialdom try the imperialt repeatedly. When the boxer rebellion blustery, Cai Yixian resolutely revolt, the qing government wanted Cai Yixian everywhere, so he fled into the mountains in the lianhua road flyover did become a monk.Although it is out of the house, but he only offers an ideal and to disappear, he still open a school in the middle, enlightenment education on the children in the mountains. Where he taught the children to read is an avowed "ancient church," on this it is not hard to see Mr. Tsai that form the unique traditional Confucianism and the worship of ancient truth thought life. On top of the mountain in northern star mountain cave, its ruins. The hole and the hole waterfall cave, sun is linked together, waterfall cave dripping constantly, all the year round hole in the sun is the sun and clouds, an adjunct to the three places. When Mr CAI had led a group of students, let the thing as a model and light, acoustic cheng in the cave, but dont have a taste.Not for good, for the good ", by the Confucianism and medicine is another ancient Chinese reader even though the ideal implementation ways. Quite general be Mr CAI people caring, make full use of the lianhua hundreds of medicinal material resources for the poor are often dont take a penny. He also imitate ancie