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Tell me something about the psychological words from the septuagenarian weng made a special trip to shihua limestone cave
Source: 房山世界地质公园 CreateTime: 2016-03-09

Recently, an elderly tourists, the bus from the Beijing city scenic area, from the made a special trip to shihua limestone cave to see the scenic area management committee office director said: I come here today, a visit, two not friends, just want to see the leadership, the scenic tour guides are praising Yang Chunli last service warm and thoughtful! This is how to return a responsibility?

It turns out that the elderly tourists zhao, male, 74 years old, was hale and hearty, clear-thinking, who lives in Beijing dongcheng district, Beijing chemical corporation retired workers. This year on January 25, visiting Shi Huadong (Chinese New Year), the scenic spot tour guides Yang Chunli gave the reception. Chun-li, female, of medium height, frame, double-fold eyelid, big eyes, with modern women capable, gentle and kind. Her as a guide for more than ten years, strict requirements

Was catching up with the year, that day, chun-li is put forward to live well, award and fellow sisters home for tenant, their lives in hebei town south car camp village, 1.5 kilometers distance, to work more convenient, take the initiative to stay on duty.

The chun-li, as usual, the hole in one to four layers dozens of landscape, charting her as one by one, visitors can hear. Been to Shi Huadong knows that the hole is constant temperature 13 ℃, warm in winter and cool in summer, has certain difference in temperature inside the hole and the hole. Go into the hole to visit in the winter, for a period of time hot, some tourists often with hand top cover off.See this kind of situation, she actively to get the clothes, let visitors will happy. Hole in the road have high low, a little bumpy, older old man to walk on the way sometimes appear difficult, she immediately went to help, let them safe. The cave landscape is non-renewable resources, according to experts about one centimeter of every one hundred years. In reception tourist groups, most with family members, some children out of curiosity, involuntary flap touch landscape, sometimes to her patience, and correctly guide and persuade. She once, twice, three times the enthusiasm of service, to warm the heart of the tourist they seem to place oneself in the home.

The back, Mr. Zhao on the visitors. He enjoying the natural, beautiful rock flowers, listen to the words of the tour guide is ringing and share that nuanced "treatment", as if into the wonderland. After the visit, had time to say "hello", it in a hurry and his family went to the New Year.

Since this year, Mr. Zhao he go for a walk around the site, the park and have a look. However, in Shi Huadong to enjoy the warmth of the "treatment", always can not let go. The feeling, the scene, the scenes, often appear in the eyes. So, he made a special trip to Shi Huadong looking for leadership, about suppressed for a long time and they Shi Huadong people more beautiful...

Mr. Zhao recalled after tell, leave your name, address and phone number (010870729 xx), declined the office director warmly received, and return to work by bus.

Mr. Zhao, director of the office of the situation described Mr Zhao has carried on the investigation to verify, and found the Courier Yang Chunli, chun-li light said: "hi, its nothing, respect the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, with good every visitors is our responsibility. I can do it, our tour guide class members will do it, should be."

Yes, every one of us, every unit, every industry, more love, I can be a more harmonious atmosphere; More than a duty, can add a good image. So, our society will become more and more.