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Eternal legend hole tunnel
Source: 房山世界地质公园 CreateTime: 2017-10-16

Hole tunnel in well within the territory of hebei town northwest foot of yunmeng mount. Northeast wide open, clear spring water poured out of holes in the tunnel, the east, into the stone river. Before the hole built brick pier according to the mountain. In monarch coupons hole, the water below, clear bottomed out, certificate face stone cave, carved in the animal head, around two dragons, stamps with engraved laid flat, the foundation stone, about 40 centimeters away from the surface of the water, on both sides of the cornerstone to pick out the second stage, about 20 cm wide, capacity of half a foot. According to the early years of the republic of China "liulichang miscellanea" records, the hole of the original stone, the water below, transverse Shi Liang, vertical and peep, deep dark cannot see, "shek mun today has no Shi Liang also lost.


Hole tunnel is a famous historical hole, past dynasties literature recorded more, still remains in the sui and tang dynasties carved the tunnel wall, cliff statues, and jins words, the most historical and cultural research value.About hole tunnel, produced in the northern wei li daoyuan by "water the note" : "holy water on the valley of... water out of the county, southwest of holy water, southeast through the big ridge, prevention of ridge DongShou cliff stone cave northeast opens, wide high four or five zhangs, into the cave, more deep, the hole with water. Elderly old rumors, will have a samana HuiMi release yesterday, good things hidden, taste of bonfire, alongside more than three mile water into the cave and cavity is divided into two: a hole extremely small, northwest, no discretion aims. Southwest out a cave and into the water directly five or six Japanese also, happened to poor deep again. The water warm winters, spring and autumn has white fish out, a few days.Often, people have co-evolved, mei also c such as hole charr also cover. "So called big clefts is hole tunnel under the ridge, only when there is no hole tunnel. This record tells us that as early as one thousand four hundred years ago, hole tunnel that secret cave has aroused the attention of the world, and there are buddhist HuiMi holes to explore, this is a buddhist first set foot here.

In the sui dynasty, the buddhist began within the hole carved Buddha, organizing writing. SuiLang wei "sui county map" : "the mountains have a fairy CV 18." So, along with the generation, big ridge under the clefts have "fairy CV 18" name. Based on the investigation to the hole tunnel as we know, "fairy CV 18" is not a myth, but realistic. The so-called "people", but sui inside hole tunnel made of stone carving of Buddha. And hole tunnel is a natural cave, full snow-white stalactite cave, hole tunnel as into a palace made of white jade, it is called "CV 18".

Across the tunnel into the hole, in the not far away from the mouth of the cave cliff carved two shrines of Buddha, a Buddha two bodhisattva within the recess, left and right sides of the vulture ride to each a Siva, recess is lintel arch, 1.5 meters high, 0.65 meters wide. From the characteristics and grottoes statues internal and external bureau, the niche of Buddha for the work, this also and "sui county map" in "fairy CV 18" records.

"Right niche within a statue carving bodhisattva, relatively intact. Bodhisattva facial feng circle, look solemn and respectful. The whole body, muscle informative proportion said. The niches in late tang dynasty."About one meter at the bottom of the stone carving of sui cause ten years (614) an hour (nirvana). Tunnel through the hole of the sui dynasty carved by inspection, the concerned expert thinks hole tunnel is likely to be monk static wan sui carved by one of early, so the well writing research has important significance. Inner hole sui dynasty carved by the right side of the position is the jin big words for twenty years.Hole tunnel in ancient times has called "longquan", is famous for deep and remote state region. "The reconstruction of monuments, longquan temple of Dali period", "li dont rain day, when people praying so resorted to apply for."

And according to the great well cast dragon wall "records, Tang Kaiyuan years, li has left Lv Shen surplus three times to hole tunnel cast golden dragon and jade wall for rain. "Big well cast dragon wall" stele of the original made in hole tunnel Lv Shen surplus for the dragon wall, qing daoguang 16 years (1836) on February 14, the tablet and pore water tunnel of lu capsule ShiBei with 12 silvers by yi painting baylor bought from you. 1982 hole tunnel once dried up, inside the hole when the unearthed xuan zong Lv Shen surplus of jinlong 7, presently for the management of cultural relics collection of fangshan district."hole for rain water" this ancient common thousand plant lineage, until the years of the republic of China.

Hole tunnel this magical natural cave, due to its abysmal, one thousand years has been shrouded in a layer of mysterious veil. Daoyuan "water the note first planted monks HuiMi campfire caving of jain old rumors, this is realistic.

Tang hu zhan records when the campfire caving legends contained the term "caving" but see fairy rat day fly, Nan phosphorus now."

The yanshan CongLu says, "people tend to smell in the voice of music... jintai and, have a peach blossom out, the disc diameter 2 inches."

"Lion mountain palm record also has roughly similar records," have some grasp of the fire, the faint smell of music, return afraid. Jintai and, suddenly see peach blossom out."

The secular kingdoms, literati rendering, is the result of "water the note" thousand years legend became myth. During the Ming and qing dynasties, is set in the ancient campfire caving of myths and legends, narcissus boat "hole" as well as one of the eight sights.

Qing Xu Mengchen hole tunnel poem:

Northeast ridge points day and yanshan the room. Big room the ancient hole, hole water pan boat. Heard of peach blossom petals, winter diameter floating. Floating on both sides of profusion, ripples in the stream. Dock barbary by if visit, rain weng ZongWei. Stack of world vision, see a new world of solitude.

Xu Mengchen the hole repairing tunnel guandi temple inscriptional record ":

Pore water, northwest line by well cities in more than 20, feng, steep, Wan Xiuling Ceng. To the ground, not so-called water also. Metropolis have lasted, suddenly smell water ripples are been reflected, cross flow are surging, YunGen obsessed with the stone, wide more than ten zhangs, a level, can take a raft. Alas, there is spring, not if he has! Before the exam, the so-called "hole narcissus boat also.