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The duke guan town of footprints of thieves
Source: 房山世界地质公园 CreateTime: 2017-04-13

In longmen gorge scenic area, there are two towering mountains, stretching thousands of miles, like a dragon lying there, said the longmen gorge. Here is at the boundary of LaiShui and ZhuoLuXian, is also a place called "xinjiang city throat" of the conflict, on the cliff of the mountain, there is a very wide long footprints, people say is guan yu.

 Legend of guan yu in hedong XieLiang killed people treat others with contumely rich, living on the rivers lake, rely on selling food. One day, he went to hebei ground to sell food, when go to under the cliff ridge "longmen gorge", was fascinated by the towering cliffs. He put down the food, to watch carefully. All of a sudden, down from the mountain a group of bandits, came to him, loudly shouted: "leave food, let you in the past, otherwise, to your life!" See guan yu still, they were armed with steel knife came at guan yu. Guan yu looked at the front of the men, thought: good boy, to find, Lao tze head you want food that is delusion!Immediately grabbed pole, fighting with the robber. Robbers which is guan yus rivals, not a few rounds, is guan yu played all running, fled to jump river. Which will let them guan yu, a few steps across the river, seized the robber one by one, and bundle sack rope tied them up. The robber to beg for mercy, guan yu softhearted, said to the bandits, "after the past, vendors have poor people not to bully, otherwise," guan yu said here, a jump, to swallow wings, a pedal on the cliff. To the feet, shake shake, even full mountain hidden in the mountain stream rabbits in the grass.Robbers, were stunned, then look at cliff left a deep footprint. From then on, the robbers saw the footprints jitters, no one dare to come here to JieDao son, ordinary people also live the opening day from now on.

Later, many officials see this magnificent peaks, and want to start to ode, engraved on the wall. To date, on the walls of the duke guan footprints aside of the Ming dynasty people inscribed "Wan Ren day off" four characters, attracted many visitors to watch.