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ShangFangShan forest park
Source:  CreateTime: 2016-03-19

Type Geological Relics
Category Geological Landscape Relics
Protection Areas grade 1
Protection Features Karst landform: peak cluster, butte: ShangFangShan nine holes twelve peaks, with waterclouds hole and tianzhufeng is most famous. 
Protection Status normal 
Content ShangFangShan it is a branch of the great well, belong to the north extension part of the taihang mountains, the main formation of proterozoic mist fan mountain zebra dolomite of flint and tieling flint crumb dolomite and HongShuiZhuang group sand shale, rock occurrence is level or nearly level more, the huangshan shop fold - thrust fault structure, the influence of the south cliff XiongXian spectacular, secondary fault valleys bluff is caused by the development. The rugged terrain, haze high and steep mountain. Terrain from the northwest to the southeast gradually low, belong to low mountain landscape. Limestone, dolomite in fault fracture after corrosion, erosion, often form cave, peak cluster, and butte. The famous "nine and twelve peak" is formed on this basis.ShangFangShan is one of Beijings famous mountains, since the eastern han dynasty in the mountain built temple, built roads, kiosks, and planting trees, and left many celebrities and scholars, and formed a bridge, pavilion, temple, pavilion, hole, stone, peak, merging religious culture landscape resort, Lin history is "above the south there are suzhou and hangzhou, the north has said.