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The legend of Shi Huadong origin
Source:  CreateTime: 2018-03-16

The foothills of the long, long ago, big room even on the springs of the top down, a round of traveling monks. He wore robes, holding alms bowl, down from big ridge to floret ridge, and along the tea stall on three prong on foot to the small basin of the mountains around from three sides (that is, the current CSR camp site) ferry.


He saw streams gurgling mountain stream, jian lush trees, near the shore flowers drifting fragrance, the breeze blowing slowly down the mountain pass, the leaves with a travel.like swoosh fields, his heart is so comfortable, then dump the saffron, put down the alms bowl, scooped up a handful streams clear flapping on the face, feeling the heat Reduced a lot. Then conveniently stomach in jian bare rock beside the wind stroke, repose.


Dont know is the tiredness of the long journey, still sleepy, warm wind blowing in a short time the monks wide circle was snoring hangover. And dont know how long after, the dog days of cicadas, noisy birds, he woke up, hot and dry a cool air was blown to the ears, and very comfortable. He sat up and rubbed his eyes and opened the pupil to look around.Mountain stream sides are smooth and hard rock, large persimmon leaves swaying, sounding, non-stop and jian in the streams of water flow, a sound, not as they should be, however, and a cool wind blowing, he subconsciously along the direction of the wind, see flat chunks of rock on the north side of the valley in a depression. He thought maybe narrative which blows out of there. He thought, stood up and walked to the strata sunken place, to be near to found that the original has a bolt, cool wind wafts from the gap between gushed out. He stick face up, cool air gently brushed his cheek, he felt very comfortable, but also feel strange, why there are so air here.He is going to get out. Then he put on clothes, to the distant mountain at the same place, see is the distant shade foot some mountain cottage, turn my somehow it felt to borrow some tools, may know the secrets of the inside. Determined, and he hurried toward the mountain.

Noon, the irritable the sun shines on the mountains in the mountains of the path behind the stone tools, step by step he crawl up the valley, below a few back and forth in the mountain, has made him go perfect sweating, climb in alcoves of leave in the morning, however, chill and make him feel at ease, the more his sense of curiosity and keen desire, he forgot profuse sweat and fatigue of back and forth swung the hammer is chisel banging in sunken place to dry up, from noon to chisel, dark night by moonlight also not rest until the morning, from morning to noon the next day, a barrel mouth thick round the mouth of the cave was finally chisel opened his dogged persistence.He bear hunger and fatigue, down hole drilling to go in, through the thin wall holes, there seems to have a large space of the dark, he crawled into it, crawling, even shoes rub to humming, have bigger and the wind, he felt comfortable around. He fumbled for the cave walls continue to climb, about for an hour, and also dont know how long climb into the mouth. Suddenly, his eyes a little bit fluorescent gathered, the greater the his eyes shine as the ying ying, he found myself in a big, big caves.


By fluorescence he saw many strange landscape, rows and rows of glittering and translucent and transparent pillars reach the ceiling, ceiling compose ACTS the role of a variety of flower, umbrella, globular scenery, around the earth are peculiar shape stone kind of rock, the adornment of the cylindrical objects, especially in the big group LanYingYing under light reflect more magical and beautiful. He felt his head and pinch pinched his arm, very painful very painful, "must not dreaming, must not dreaming!" He couldnt help but shouted out loud, too wonderful! Fantastic!

Cry echoes in the cave for a long time, the vibration of the head jar voice jar spirit the ear bones. Excited, he also was determined to stay here, a lifetime together with this magical abode of fairies and immortals, even, and live their own lives.

Between alms days he went down the mountain, to do good, the night he returned to hole for the home from mountain, annoyed when he goes to the deep cave, fluorescent around him, every time there is completely through the aura of magic, let him enjoy the beauty of this great flatter him, might be assigned, day unexpectedly blurt out "abode of fairies and immortals fairy incense, hidden dream into true hide" verse.


Later, he felt that the word "latent" can represent his heart long hidden state of mind, then, he simply in the mouth of the cave wall smooth, upper solemnly hew personally "latent hole" three regular script characters. Since then "latent hole" throughout the local countryside is open, the name of the ring.

Now, time has passed the long years of 500, the changes of the vicissitudes of life is there are no signs of wear off it. In contemporary celebrity the title "Shi Huadong" side, at the beginning "latent hole" three virile regular script characters are still rising in the sun. Side is black, like the smoky.